No Fear Bridge is a family business created by bridge teacher Leigh Harding with the aim of making learning how to play bridge easy and fun.

Leigh worked in the IT business for 20 years before becoming a bridge teacher and IT trainer. After teaching bridge for a number of years she decided to see if it was possible to transfer her bridge teaching and IT skills to create a fun and interactive bridge learning website and the No Fear Bridge UK website was born at the start of 2009.

The original No Fear Bridge website has been very popular with learners from all over the UK, Ireland and other parts of the world that use the Acol bidding system. With the help of expert bridge consultant Richard Granville the teaching site has grown to include bidding and play topics for beginning to advancing players, including hundreds of teaching hands to play.

After many requests for an 'American style bidding' version of the website we launched nofearbridge.com at the start of 2013. Nofearbridge.com uses an American style Five Card Majors and Strong No Trump bidding system, closely based on 'Standard American Yellow Card' (SAYC). SAYC is the default bidding system for most Internet bridge sites.

Some aspects of the Five Card Majors and Strong No Trump system have more than one reasonable interpretation so No Fear Bridge takes account of the following:

  • The 'SAYC' system as described in the SAYC system booklet.
  • Recommendations from current bridge writers.
  • Preferences of the No Fear Bridge team, especially to avoid complications for beginners and improvers.