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No Fear Bridge is a family business created by bridge teacher Leigh Harding with the aim of making learning how to play bridge easy and fun. Leigh worked in the IT business for 20 years before becoming a bridge teacher. After teaching bridge for a number of years, she used her IT experience to create a fun website for students to practice in between lessons and the No Fear Bridge UK website was born at the start of 2009.

mapThe No Fear Bridge website is very popular with learners from all over the World. With the help of Grand Master bridge player Richard Granville, the teaching site has grown to include bidding and play topics for beginning to advancing players, including over 2,500 teaching hands to play.

As a family business we believe in supporting community projects. Since 2016 we have made donations each year from the business to charities that support 16-25 year olds with disabilities or other disadvantages.

The No Fear Bridge Team

Leigh Harding Founder, Director, Website Development
Steff Harding Director, Accounts
Richard Granville Expert Bridge Consultant Biography
Bron Robson Customer Support
Paul Turton Business Consultant, Video Content
Paula Turton Charities Officer
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Company Number: 08788377
VAT Number: 978 3568 53
About Us
No Fear Bridge is a UK based business operating since 2009.